Do I need a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney for my auto accident case?

Lawyer for auto accident in The Bronx

Many people who are involved in car accidents in the Bronx wonder whether they really need to consult with a personal injury attorney.  In most cases, the answer is yes!  While attending to your injuries is the most immediate concern, you should then contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Why should you contact a personal injury lawyer following an auto accident that was the fault of someone else?

In New York, there is what is known as no fault insurance.  This insurance pays for medical costs, lost income, and some other expenses.  However, you have only 30 days to apply after the accident occurs. A Bronx personal injury lawyer can help you identify which insurance company you must apply to, and then notify the company about your no fault claim.

There are several legal and insurance issues that must be addressed.  That can be difficult to take care of yourself if you have been seriously injured.  For instance, the insurance adjuster for the driver of the other vehicle may contact you, which could result in your answering questions in a way that allows the company to place partial blame on you, or even limit/deny your claim.  Better to allow your injury lawyer to communicate with the insurance adjusters, so that no errors are made that could result in denial of your claim.  Attorneys are very skilled in this area, and will work with adjusters in a way that will not be potentially damaging to your case.

In the event your auto accident occurred longer than 30 days ago, it is vital to work with a skilled Bronx car accident lawyer.  Experienced injury attorneys can work to preserve any evidence of the other person’s liability, and ensure that any filing/documentation is completed and in order before legal deadlines pass.  Once certain deadlines have passed, you may not be able to file a claim, which means you could miss out on collecting the compensation you deserve.

When you have been injured in an auto accident in New York, you should focus on healing and getting your life back on track.  Your injury attorney will work to ensure your rights are protected, and begin developing your case so that you have the best opportunity of recovering the damages you deserve.

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