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Huntington Station Long Island lawyer for personal injury accidents

Kaplan and Kaplan PC Huntington Station lawyer for personal injury

Whether you are the victim of a dog bite, car accident, or any circumstance caused by negligence or an intentional act, it is vital to work with an injury attorney in Huntington Station who focuses on injury law, and knows how to fight for the compensation for damages you deserve. Insurance companies have a wide array of tactics they use to limit or deny claims…

Your rights to legal compensation if you are in a school bus accident

School bus accident compensation

When someone is in a school bus, tour bus, or shuttle bus accident, those involved can suffer serious or even fatal injuries.  As a parent, you expect your child to be transported to and from school or athletic events safely.  But if the unexpected happens, you should speak with a bus accident lawyer immediately in

Drunk driving accidents and your rights to victim compensation

Drunk driving accidents on Long Island

Drunk driving accidents are unfortunately fairly common.  Regrettably, innocent people are injured when individuals decide they are capable of driving even though they are under the influence of alcohol.  The worst drunk driving accidents often result in fatal injuries.  When a fatality occurs, surviving family members in many cases are entitled to wrongful death compensation.

What you should know about when pursuing an accident compensation claim

Accident compensation claim in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island

You may be pursuing a motor accident or motorbike accident compensation claim, or wanting to recover damages for injuries you sustained while on the job. Regardless of the type of accident, there are certain steps you must take when pursuing accident compensation claims to ensure you have a solid claim that won’t be denied.