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Huntington Station Long Island lawyer for personal injury accidents

Kaplan and Kaplan PC Huntington Station lawyer for personal injury

Whether you are the victim of a dog bite, car accident, or any circumstance caused by negligence or an intentional act, it is vital to work with an injury attorney in Huntington Station who focuses on injury law, and knows how to fight for the compensation for damages you deserve. Insurance companies have a wide array of tactics they use to limit or deny claims…

Do I need a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney for my auto accident case?

Lawyer for auto accident in The Bronx

Why should you contact a personal injury lawyer following an auto accident that was the fault of someone else? In New York, there is what is known as no fault insurance. This insurance pays for medical costs, lost income, and some other expenses.

Neck Injury from car accident – what should I do next?

Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. neck injury in auto accident

Car accidents often result in a neck injury – which is often referred to as whiplash.  Although such an injury is not as grave as a loss of life, such an injury is frequently very serious.   Regardless of the type of neck injury victims suffer following car accidents, it is crucial to consult with

What to do if I am rear ended in a car accident

rear end accident in Brooklyn New York

Rear end accidents can cause serious injuries to those involved, and can also result in substantial property damage.  Car accidents are very common in Long Island and Brooklyn, and across the nation as well.  In fact, bad car accidents are the leading cause of serious injuries caused by others’ negligence.  Long Island car accidents occur

Bad weather conditions brings more Taxi cab pedestrian accidents in New York City and Brooklyn

Taxi accidents in New York City in winter bad weather

A taxi accident in NYC can result in serious injuries, not only other motorists, but pedestrians as well.  Considering the bad weather conditions in the state and throughout the northeast in recent months, the number of accidents involving taxi cabs and pedestrians has been on the rise.  If you are the victim of this type

Icy road stopping distance and other factors in multiple car accidents

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As every truck accident lawyer in Queens or other areas in New York are aware, icy roads can cause all types of accidents, including those where stopping distance is a factor.  When a motorist doesn’t leave enough of a distance between the vehicle he or she is operating and the vehicle directly ahead, it can

Black ice and bad road conditions are a factor in winter car accidents

car driving on black ice in Huntington, Long Island, New York

Car accidents on Long Island and throughout New York have been on the increase in recent weeks, many of them caused by black ice.  In fact, news reports such as those at the New York Daily News have covered stories in-depth regarding car accidents caused by recent winter storms and icy road conditions.  One article

Winter storm weather causes car accidents across Long Island

Winter weather accidents across Long Island

Car accidents have become an every day occurrence on Long Island in recent weeks, many of them caused by the winter storms the area has experienced this winter season.  Unfortunately, some of these have been fatal car accidents.  Long Island car accidents are not unusual, however snowy, icy conditions contribute to an increase in the

Avoiding car accidents when driving during snow and icy weather conditions

Avoiding icy winter weather car accidents

A northeast storm is nothing unusual for those of us living in New York or on the east coast.  As all car accident attorneys know, a northeast snow storm can result in serious or even fatal accidents.  Driving in snow can be treacherous.  However there are times when you simply cannot avoid it.  Snow and

Hit and run driver accident kills Brooklyn teen

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Recently, one of the many hit-and-run accidents in Brooklyn claimed another victim. While a hit and run accident is a criminal offense, this type of incident occurs all too often.  Even if a hit and run accident does not result in someone’s death, many victims of such accidents are still seriously injured.  What is the reason

The legal aspects of fatal car accidents on Long Island – what you need to know

Auto accident legal aspects of time in jail

Fatal car accidents happen every day around our country, for various reasons.  The number of deadly car accidents is astounding.  Obviously bad car accidents are traumatic for victims and their families.  Some of the worst car accidents involve drunk driving or distractions such as the use of a mobile device.  No matter why an accident

Texting and driving accidents and the underlying dangers associated with this trend

Texting and driving in New York, Brooklyn, Long Island

Texting and driving accidents are on the rise, which is really not surprising given the number of people who have cell phones and other mobile devices with them 24/7 today.  While drunk driving accidents often result in serious or even fatal injuries for those involved, texting while driving accidents can be just as bad.  In