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Do I need a Bronx Personal Injury Attorney for my auto accident case?

Lawyer for auto accident in The Bronx

Why should you contact a personal injury lawyer following an auto accident that was the fault of someone else? In New York, there is what is known as no fault insurance. This insurance pays for medical costs, lost income, and some other expenses.

Avoiding car accidents when driving during snow and icy weather conditions

Avoiding icy winter weather car accidents

A northeast storm is nothing unusual for those of us living in New York or on the east coast.  As all car accident attorneys know, a northeast snow storm can result in serious or even fatal accidents.  Driving in snow can be treacherous.  However there are times when you simply cannot avoid it.  Snow and

Hit and run driver accident kills Brooklyn teen

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Recently, one of the many hit-and-run accidents in Brooklyn claimed another victim. While a hit and run accident is a criminal offense, this type of incident occurs all too often.  Even if a hit and run accident does not result in someone’s death, many victims of such accidents are still seriously injured.  What is the reason