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Construction Accidents – when should I seek an attorney?

construction site in New York City

Construction accidents are one of the most common causes of serious injuries today; in fact, the construction industry is one of the most dangerous an individual can work in.  The nature of the work puts workers at risk for injuries.  However, general contractors, sub contractors, property owners, and/or employers often fail to put the necessary

What to do if I am rear ended in a car accident

rear end accident in Brooklyn New York

Rear end accidents can cause serious injuries to those involved, and can also result in substantial property damage.  Car accidents are very common in Long Island and Brooklyn, and across the nation as well.  In fact, bad car accidents are the leading cause of serious injuries caused by others’ negligence.  Long Island car accidents occur

Do I need a dental malpractice attorney for the dental pain and suffering I’ve endured?

Dental malpractice in Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island New York

If you are the victim of dental malpractice, you may be suffering substantial pain and not know where to turn.  Dental malpractice attorneys can help you determine whether you may have a case, and how to proceed to resolve your claim to your satisfaction. Dental malpractice in New York is a form of medical malpractice

When do I need to consult with a lawyer for accident injury?

accident injury in Brooklyn, New York

Many victims wonder when it’s time to consult with a lawyer for accident injury.  Whether you have been injured in a truck accident, car accident, or any accident caused by the negligence of someone else, it can be a devastating experience.  You were going about your daily routine as usual, and never expected to find

Bad weather conditions brings more Taxi cab pedestrian accidents in New York City and Brooklyn

Taxi accidents in New York City in winter bad weather

A taxi accident in NYC can result in serious injuries, not only other motorists, but pedestrians as well.  Considering the bad weather conditions in the state and throughout the northeast in recent months, the number of accidents involving taxi cabs and pedestrians has been on the rise.  If you are the victim of this type

Should you hire a lawyer for a slip and fall injury case?

Slip and fall accident injury lawyer in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island

Whether you have slipped and fallen on an icy parking lot, sidewalk, or even a slippery floor or torn carpet in a retail store or other location, you may be wondering whether you should consult with a lawyer for a slip and fall accident.  Whether you live in Brooklyn, NY or surrounding areas, the short

Icy road stopping distance and other factors in multiple car accidents

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As every truck accident lawyer in Queens or other areas in New York are aware, icy roads can cause all types of accidents, including those where stopping distance is a factor.  When a motorist doesn’t leave enough of a distance between the vehicle he or she is operating and the vehicle directly ahead, it can

Freezing temperatures makes for slick icy walkways and parking lots in Nassau and Suffolk County

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NYC parking lots and walkways have become extremely hazardous this winter as a result of the winter storms and freezing temperatures we have experienced recently in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, as well as throughout most of the state.  Many parking lots, whether airport parking lots, carpool parking lots, or those at retail stores and other

What to do after a slip and fall accident

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A slip and fall accident can leave you not only seriously injured, but facing substantial costs depending on the medical treatment required, whether you lost work due to the accident, and more.  Given the recent winter weather conditions in New York and throughout the northeast, it is no surprise that many people have been injured

Black ice and bad road conditions are a factor in winter car accidents

car driving on black ice in Huntington, Long Island, New York

Car accidents on Long Island and throughout New York have been on the increase in recent weeks, many of them caused by black ice.  In fact, news reports such as those at the New York Daily News have covered stories in-depth regarding car accidents caused by recent winter storms and icy road conditions.  One article

Icy weather contributes to slip and fall accidents in shopping center parking lots

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Slip and fall accidents are not all that uncommon, and given the icy weather conditions recently in Brooklyn and throughout New York, the number of slip and fall lawsuits are sure to increase.  Lawyers for slip and fall accidents know that when winter storms bring snow, sleet, and other icy conditions, the risks increase of

Winter storm weather causes car accidents across Long Island

Winter weather accidents across Long Island

Car accidents have become an every day occurrence on Long Island in recent weeks, many of them caused by the winter storms the area has experienced this winter season.  Unfortunately, some of these have been fatal car accidents.  Long Island car accidents are not unusual, however snowy, icy conditions contribute to an increase in the