Construction Accident

We are an experienced Brooklyn construction accident attorneys representing Carpenters, Electricians, HVAC Workers, Iron Workers, Mason Workers –  we work for you!

A construction site can be a dangerous place to work. There are special laws that protect those who work at such places. If you are injured at a construction site, you will need a Brooklyn construction accident lawyer in New York who will fight to make sure you receive full compensation for all your losses. Let us take care of every detail so you can concentrate on the most important part – your recovery.

Construction workers on top of house and crane in Manhattan New York

When you need a New York construction accident attorney count on Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. to provide unmatched experience and legal guidance.  We realize that this industry is one of the most dangerous, and that all too often safety is often overlooked by supervisors, general contractors, and others in order to keep the project moving along. For a construction worker, even a seemingly minor injury such as a broken bone or sprain can bring your career to an end.

Union or non-union worker, our personal injury law firm can help you

Construction iron workers on job in Brooklyn New York

Whether you are a union or non-union worker, our firm has the skill, experience, and dedicated approach necessary to obtain a good outcome, securing the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.  Those in need of a capable construction site accident lawyer can depend on us to work for you; we understand that if proper safety measures had been implemented on site, you would not be in the position you are in.  Our firm represents electricians, carpenters, roofers, metal workers, excavators, and anyone working in the construction industry.

New York labor law statutes provide protection

Property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, tenants and others are required to maintain safe equipment and grounds for workers, who often suffer devastating or even deadly injuries when these parties fail to address safety concerns.  In some states in the U.S., construction workers may be limited to workers’ compensation benefits when they are injured.  In New York, however, specific New York Labor Law statutes provide further protection for individuals employed in the construction industry.

We handle all kinds of construction accident injuries including:

  • Accidents Injuring:
    Carpenters, Electricians, HVAC Workers, Iron Workers, Masons, OtherWorkers
  • Electrocutions
  • Exposure to Toxic Fumes
  • Failure to Provide Safety Devices
  • Fall at Construction Sites
  • Fall from Height
  • Fall from Ladder
  • Fall from Scaffolding
  • Falling Material Striking Worker
  • Fall on Debris
  • Highway Work Zone Accidents
  • Improper Equipment
  • Unsafe Work Sites
  • Vehicle Accident at Construction Site
  • Workers Injured by Falling Object
  • Workers Injured by Machinery or Devices
  • All other Construction Site or on the Job Accidents

Construction Accidents – Workers falling from heights, equipment malfunction, falling objects, slip and fall accidents, exposure to toxic substances, amputation injuries
– there are literally endless circumstances which could result in severe or debilitating injuries for those who work in construction.  We understand that individuals who have experienced an accident in the construction industry may not only be affected physically when an accident occurs, it can affect your livelihood and career.  If you are in search of a skilled Brooklyn construction accident attorney who is capable of securing the full compensation you deserve for injuries, lost wages, medical costs, lost earning ability for the future and other damages.

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We handle all kinds of construction accident injuries throughout Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County and all of Long Island