Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding personal injury cases. If you have additional questions we encourage you to contact us directly for a free consultation. Just call or use our contact form for your convenience.

Do I have a case?

Answer: There are many factors that go into making this determination. The information you give to us when you contact us for a free consultation will help us to evaluate your case. We will also ask you for additional specific information depending on the circumstances of your case.

Do you take cases on a contingency basis?

Answer: All accident and malpractice cases that we take are accepted on what is called a “contingency basis”. That means you do not pay any fees to us unless we recover money for you at the end of the case. We follow the standard retainer rules of New York Courts and use written retainers for all matters. And as always, consultations are free.

Will I have to go to Court?

Answer: The majority of cases are settled before trial. However, we prepare your case to take it through trial. If an acceptable settlement offer is obtained before trial then the case can be concluded. If not, your case will be ready and tried. That said, ultimately a client can decide if they do or do not wish to take their case through trial.

What financial compensation or damages can I recover?

Answer: The compensation you may recover depends upon the injuries and damages you have sustained. There are various items you can be compensated for. Some of these are: past and future pain and suffering; disability (physical and mental); emotional trauma; past and future lost wages; lost future earnings capacity; loss of parental guidance; past and future medical expenses; loss of enjoyment of life; out of pocket expenses required as a result of the accident or malpractice; wrongful death damages; and past and future home care. There are also other items you may recover for, depending upon the details of your case.

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