Medical Malpractice

Brooklyn Medical Malpractice Attorneys, Other Malpractice Claims. Have you been subjected to Medical Malpractice in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island or throughout New York State? Medical Malpractice is professional negligence by a healthcare facility whereby the treatment provided is below an accepted standard and has causes injury or death to a patient. At Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. we know the laws that pertain to Medical Malpractice and as a Brooklyn Medical Malpractice law firm we will represent you to ensure you are compensated to the full extent of the law for the injuries and damages caused by Medical Malpractice.

As trusted Brooklyn personal injury attorneys, our practice is focuses on Medical Malpractice throughout the state of New York.  Our team of Brooklyn Medical Malpractice professionals work vigorously on behalf of those who have sustained serious injury or lost a loved one because of negligent actions on the part of doctors, healthcare professionals and facilities.  If you have been a victim of Medical Malpractice in NYC, depend on our firm to aggressively seek the full monetary compensation you deserve for costs associated with your injuries.

Person in wheelchair due to Medical Malpractice

The best possible choice in legal representation

At Kaplan & Kaplan P.C., our skill, experience, and dedicated approach make us the best possible choice in legal representation for those who are the victims of Medical Malpractice throughout New York State.  We all put our health and even our lives in the hands of medical professionals at some point, and trust that doctors, nurses, and others will act in our best interest.  The majority of the time, medical issues and illnesses are property diagnosed and treated.  We understand that physicians, surgeons, and others in the medical profession must make important decisions every day, and that sometimes those decisions can make the difference between life and death. When errors in diagnosis, treatment, or even surgical procedures are made, physicians and the hospitals where they work are reluctant to admit to their mistakes.

Obtain the legal guidance and support of an effective lawyer

Individuals who have been harmed due to Medical Malpractice in New York must obtain the legal guidance and support of an effective, capable attorney who will fight on your behalf.  Although you are the victim, the burden of proof lies on your shoulders, and those of your NY medical malpractice lawyer.  Rest assured, the defendant’s legal team will fight aggressively to defend against the claims you have made. As a  trusted Medical Malpractice attorney, we are  aware of the fact that mistakes or errors are avoidable but occur all too often, sometimes leaving a patient injured, permanently disabled, or even worse.

We fight vigorously for the compensation you deserve

At Kaplan & Kaplan P.C., we work to hold doctors and other medical professionals accountable for their negligent actions resulting in Medical Malpractice.  Our combined decades of experience, skill, and legal ability allow us to provide our clients with unsurpassed legal guidance and representation.  If you are a loved one has sustained injuries and suspect medical malpractice was present, contact us today. We are prepared to fight vigorously in order to recover all of the damages you deserve. Our Brooklyn Medical Malpractice team of attorneys are here to help you.

At Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. we focus on many areas of malpractice

At the law offices of Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. we focus on many areas of malpractice including: Architect, Chiropractic, Dental, Engineer, Legal, and Podiatric cases. Our New York personal injury attorneys have the skill, experience, and dedicated approach to secure a positive outcome for our clients. We have a thorough understanding and knowledge of the laws which pertain to various types of malpractice, including:

  • Architect Malpractice, Engineer Malpractice, or Legal Malpractice which is professional negligence by act or omission of an Architect, Engineer or Lawyer, in which the work falls below the accepted standard in the community, and causes injury and/or damage to the client.
  • Chiropractic Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, or Podiatric Malpractice which is professional negligence by act or omission of a Chiropractor, Dentist, or Podiatrist, in which the treatment provided falls below the accepted standard of practice in the community, and causes injury or death to the patient.

We understand that the majority of people associate “malpractice” with negligent doctors, surgeons, and other healthcare providers.  However, this term encompasses a wide array of legal claims, as all professionals, whether architects, engineers, lawyers, chiropractors, dentists or podiatrists are required to provide services in accordance with established professional standards.

Architect Malpractice

Were you injured due to an Architect or Engineer’s unsafe building design? You may have grounds: for legal action if the Architect or Engineer’s services did not meet the accepted standards in the community .

New York Legal Malpractice

If you’ve experienced issues of Legal malpractice in New York you can count on the team at Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. to evaluate your situation if you feel that you have suffered financial loss or other damages due to inadequate or insufficient legal counsel provided by another attorney.  It is critical that you choose an attorney who is capable of analyzing whether Legal malpractice has indeed occurred. We will help you get the results you are entitled to.

Chiropractic Malpractice

If you are in need of a capable and aggressive Chiropractic malpractice attorney, it is important that you obtain the services of a professional who is prepared to fight vigorously in order to achieve the results you deserve.  You may have suffered injury due to a chiropractor’s failure to diagnose your condition in a timely manner, or because of damage or injury sustained in the treatment and manipulation of your body. The talented team at Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. are experienced in the areas of Chiropractic malpractice and can discuss, clarify and help you win your case.

Dental Malpractice (dental malpractice New York)

As highly reputable Dental malpractice lawyers in NY, Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. know that while most dentists provide an outstanding level of care for their patients, others do not.  Patients may suffer injuries that can be attributed to performing unnecessary procedures, failing to treat gum disease or other conditions early on, pulling the wrong tooth, or performing crown/bridge work that leads to complications, among other things.  In addition, dentists must inform patients of any risks associated with various procedures, and obtain the patient’s consent prior to performing a procedure/service.

Podiatric Surgery – Podiatric Malpractice

Podiatric malpractice in New York is more common than you might think.  Even with seemingly minor surgery, a mistake can alter your life forever.  In many Podiatric cases, a podiatrist may recommend treatment that is not right for you because he/she failed to recognize potential underlying medical issues, or the surgery does not go as planned, resulting in serious consequences, even amputation.

Regardless of whether you sustained physical or financial damage or injury, it is critical that you seek out a New York malpractice lawyer who can provide you with intelligent legal guidance.  Contact the Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. today, and rest assured that you have professionals who are in your corner, and who will obtain outstanding results.

We handle medical malpractice, hospital malpractice and nursing home claims such as:

  • Bed Sores
  • Brain Damage
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Child Birth Injury and Defect
  • Delay in Diagnosis – Cancer and Others
  • Drug Injury
  • Emergency Room Error
  • ERB’s Palsy
  • Hospital Malpractice
  • Laboratory Mistake
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Medication Mistake
  • Misdiagnosis of Cancer and Others
  • Nursing Home Malpractice
  • Objects Left In the Body
  • Surgical Error
  • Surgical Instruments Left In the Body
  • All Other Medical Malpractice

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