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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous to work in.  Employees are at risk each day they go to work. If you work in construction or were injured while visiting a work site, how can you find the best Brooklyn construction accident lawyer?  We will offer a few tips below, so that you have the best chance of collecting the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

How do construction accidents occur, and why are they so common?  There are many hazards in the industry, including the fact that employees often work at dangerous construction sites, using powerful tools and equipment.  In addition, many projects include working at great heights.  Some of the most common types of accidents include those involving scaffolding or ladders, objects falling on a person, unsafe walkways such as uncovered openings in walkways, or collapsing walkways, structure failure, accidents involving forklifts, cranes, nail guns, compressors, electrical accidents, a building collapse, explosions, and more.  Some accidents can be attributed to situations where safety measures that should be in place under the law are not followed.

 How can an injury attorney in Brooklyn help when you’ve been injured in a construction accident?

In addition to helping you with a workers’ compensation claim if you were injured as a result of your employment, a construction accident attorney can help you by filing a suit, or by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf.  Your lawyer can also handle the paperwork and documentation for you, and reduce the hassles so that you can focus on healing.  There are often many costs associated with being injured on a construction site.  In addition to medical expenses, such as lost wages, there may be future medical costs, and even future loss of earnings in some cases.  Your lawyer will work vigorously to ensure you get the full compensation you are entitled to, and are not short-changed by the insurance company, or even denied workers’ compensation.

To ensure you are hiring the best Brooklyn construction accident lawyer, look for client testimonials or reviews.  In addition, ask if the injury lawyer provides a free consultation.  Is the personal injury attorney knowledgeable regarding New York workplace safety laws and regulations?  Does the lawyer have a policy whereby no fee is charged if there is no recovery for a client?  Can he or she provide you with references, so that you can contact previous clients to learn more about their experiences with the attorney?

Ultimately, you want a construction accident attorney in Brooklyn who is experienced, skilled, and dedicated to securing the best possible results in your case.  Serious injuries can be life-changing, some even fatal.  Workplace injuries can affect your life in more ways than you know, so be sure to work with a seasoned personal injury attorney who will put your needs first, and hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligent actions.
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