How can I determine who is a reputable Brooklyn Injury Attorney?

brooklyn injury attorney

When you have been seriously injured or have what may turn out to be a complicated injury claim, it is important to choose a reputable Brooklyn injury attorney.  You want to hire someone you feel you can trust.  Choosing a lawyer for accident injury can be difficult.  One injury attorney is not necessarily as experienced or dedicated as another – and you want a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn who is capable of securing the results you deserve.

Unfortunately, some Brooklyn injury lawyers do not have stellar reputations.  As with every profession, some individuals are more focused and dedicated to their profession and client results than others.  Some personal injury attorneys are more interested in building up a large portfolio of clients than they are in obtaining the results their clients desire.  If you have been injured in a car accident, because of medical malpractice, on the job, due to a dangerous drug, or in any circumstance caused by negligence, finding a reputable injury attorney may be more difficult than you had hoped, but there are plenty of good lawyers available.

How can you find a good attorney?

Former client testimonials are a good source for information about an attorney.  If someone has been through the process of having a case handled by a particular lawyer or law firm, that person obviously has useful information.

Friends and acquaintances: Recommendations from family, friends, or co-workers regarding an attorney’s skill, ethics, experience, and other information is also helpful.  If you know someone who has been involved in a personal injury case and was represented by an attorney, it may be a good place to start.  Of course, you should speak with the attorney yourself and ask questions of your own.  Everyone feels different about people and their personalities or particular style, but the most important factor is for you to feel comfortable working with the attorney, and trust that he/she can accomplish your goals.

Know other attorneys?

You may know a lawyer who works in criminal defense, family law, taxes, business law, or some other area of practice.  Many attorneys are happy to refer cases to others in a certain specialty.  If you know or are friends with an attorney, ask for referrals.

Ultimately, you can learn a lot about a Brooklyn injury attorney’s reputation from various sources, however in order to make a final decision, always speak with the lawyer yourself.  Ask questions about his/her experience, how long he or she has been practicing law, even about past cases.  Learn as much as you can, and you can make the right decision for your unique situation.

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