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You may be in search of a Suffolk County personal injury lawyer in New York if you have been injured due to negligence.  Such incidents may be the result of you or a loved one being injured in a car accident, a workplace accident, because of a defective product, a slip and fall on property, or in any number of circumstances.  People on Long Island and throughout New York are injured every day, through no fault of their own.  The results can be substantial medical costs, lost work, property damage, emotional distress, and more.  In some cases, serious injuries can prove to be fatal, in which case surviving family members may wish to file a wrongful death claim.

Why do you need to work with a Suffolk County personal injury attorney?

While some people believe the responsible parties and their insurance companies will treat them fairly, insurance companies work to protect their own profits.  As a result, insurance companies have an incentive to avoid fully paying out claims that are filed.  Insurance agents are trained in various tactics to limit or even deny claims.  Once you settle for whatever an insurance company offers and sign on the dotted line, it’s almost impossible to “go back” and file a lawsuit.  This is just one of the many reasons you should consult with an injury lawyer in New York if you have been injured.

Attorneys who focus on personal injury matters know how insurance companies work, and understand liability.  Can a drug manufacturer be held accountable for injuries you suffered after taking their drug?  Can a property owner be held responsible if you tripped or slipped on the property, or were injured in some way?  How can a doctor, anesthesiologist, or someone else in the medical field be held liable if you were injured as a result of medical error or malpractice?  A seasoned personal injury attorney has experience in nearly every scenario.  You should have someone on your side who is  familiar with how negligent parties and their attorneys respond in an effort to avoid being held accountable – or even try to put partial or total blame on you!

The fact is, when you are injured because of another person or party’s negligence, the burden of proving that person’s negligence is on you.  Unfortunately, it is not an easy task to prove someone else’s culpability, which is another reason to hire a Suffolk County personal injury lawyer.  Your attorney will thoroughly investigate, collect evidence, negotiate with the insurance company, and do all that is necessary to ensure you are awarded the full compensation you deserve for medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.  The support and guidance of a skilled injury lawyer will give you the best chance to recover the full damages you are entitled to.

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