Truck Accident Injuries

New York Truck Accident Lawyer. At the Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. we know that truck accidents can result in catastrophic and even deadly injuries.  A regular size vehicle is no match for a massive 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer rig.  As highly respected Brooklyn truck accidents attorneys, we have provided clients in Brooklyn, Long Island, Queens, and nearby areas with unsurpassed legal representation for decades.  We understand that not only do these types of accidents often result in loss of property in the form of a vehicle that is totaled, but often times loss of health and mobility.

Truck Accident with Injured Person being Attended to

Truck accidents are usually far more complex than other types of collisions involving cars, pickup trucks, or motorcycles.  The nature of these types of accidents require the attention of a truck accidents law firm in Brooklyn who understands and is thoroughly familiar with the state and federal regulations that tractor-trailer and other large truck drivers and operators are subject to.  In most cases, trucking firms have their own law firm come to the scene almost immediately in an attempt to limit their own liability.  After having your medical needs attended to, the very next step should be to call an attorney who will review your case to determine whether you may be eligible for compensation.

Truck accidents often result in serious injuries

Because of the sheer power and massive size of 18 wheelers and other commercial trucks, victims often sustain very serious injuries.  Some of the injuries may include head/spinal cord injuries, broken bones, lacerations, even paralysis.  Even worse, injuries may be fatal.  We understand the stress and trauma your family is going through.  We will work vigorously to identify negligence in these types of cases, doing everything possible to secure justice for the client.

Common causes of truck accidents

Tractor TrailerTruck accidents happen every day across the U.S., many of them ending in serious injury and property damage.  While drivers are typically trained in regards to the rules of the road and how to drive in a safe manner, some drivers (or the companies they drive for) have a careless disregard for the rules.  Other times, equipment that is not properly maintained may be to blame.

Some of the factors that may come into play when an accident occurs include:

  • Drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Improper lane change resulting in collision
  • Improper brake maintenance
  • Driving too fast for road or weather conditions
  • Reckless driving
  • Worn or under-inflated tires
  • Driver carrying too much cargo or attempting to meet tight delivery schedule

Because of the above factors, our Brooklyn truck accidents attorneys know that it is essential to analyze various records in order to determine whether there were violations or other factors that may have contributed to the crash.  These may include delivery schedules, truck/tractor maintenance records, driver logbooks, cargo manifests and more.

Kaplan & Kaplan Truck Accident Attorneys

We realize that many truck drivers and operators do drive in a safe manner and obey the laws; however, we also know that many carry falsified log books, do not adhere to the required number of hours for rest, and take drugs to stay alert in order to meet scheduled delivery or pick-up appointments.  For some, the desire for a larger paycheck trumps the desire to drive safely so that other motorists are not at risk.

At the Law Offices of Kaplan & Kaplan P.C. our team works vigorously on behalf of every client.  We will investigate the accident, review records and documentation, analyze police reports, question witnesses, and do everything possible to demonstrate that the driver/operator or trucking company was negligent, resulting in your injuries.  Those in need of a capable Brooklyn or Long Island truck accident injury lawyer should contact us now for a free case review at (855) 923-1444 Toll Free.