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Babylon lawyer for personal injury accidents

Kaplan and Kaplan PC, Babylon accident injury lawyers

The true costs of being injured are far greater than most people realize, until it happens to them. Hospital stays and other medical costs can be astronomical. When you cannot work because of your injury, it only adds to the financial burden…

What exactly is negligence in a personal injury case?

Negligence in a personal injury case on Long Island

Most people who are injured due to someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing know that in a personal injury case, negligence must be proven.  So what actually IS negligence?  As highly experienced Long Island personal injury lawyers, we want to define negligence in a way that is easy for our readers to understand, and perhaps help

How long does it take to be compensated regarding a personal injury case?

How long does it take to get personal injury compensation in New York?

One of the most common questions asked by victims injured in car accidents or other incident involving negligence is how long will it take to receive an award?  The immediate answer is it depends.  In many cases victims can expect a settlement to take less than a year.  There are a number of factors that